The Greatest Poems Ever Written on Extraordinary Events



Please Note: The top half of every verse spirals downward, and the last sentence spirals upward.



By Sharon Esther Lampert, 

Poet, Philosopher, and Educator

(1) Maniacal terrorists strike at the big apple of America’s eye.

Famed majestic landmarks, the Twin Towers crumble,

imploding into billions of bits of molten steel, jagged glass,

seared human flesh, and flailing broken bones. Escaping

spiked and surging fire balls, staff vaulted through windows.

A canine-toothed wing of the Pentagon is broken in the aftermath

of the devastation: a massive death toll of innocents remains

lodged, buried alive, fifty feet under, feeling the cold-bloodied

hard rubble, a steely glint of hope, five warm-blooded survivors

are unearthed. Every save a divine miracle. Subways evacuate.

First-aid crews take to the streets and man the flaming towers.

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(2) Flattened, the first company of New York City’s finest fire

fighters, police, and first-aid crews CRASH and BURN inside the

cascading avalanche of steel daggers. The 110-story Twin Towers 

are brought to their saber knees and then to their foiled ankles.

Grieving, a 47-story sister building 7, collapses in distress into ragged ruins. Billowing, nearby brother buildings in the zone remain ablaze. WTC mass exodus: pyre and plumes of smoke hover, flying concrete shards and soot, repugnant jet fuel, raining dust and debris, thousands of frightful fleeing bystanders are entombed. Fatalities, makeshift morgues ferry the sacrificial corpses to New Jersey. The Pile, 1.2 billion tons of scorched scraps are hauled to The Hill of Fresh Kills Landfill. DNA matches: a gruesome, grueling, and grisly task, steam still rising, pickaxes poke for parts. Dogs sniff and succor. Ground Zero: dug-up remains are draped

with the U.S.A. flag, saluted, and reburied. Every find a divine miracle.  FDNY Firefighters, Jack Tipping finds his fallen son, John Jr. Tipping. A carnivorous crater, vestiges of an office complex, in the dangerous pit of dignified souls, hard hat archaeologists dig among the ruins: 13 bodies, 10 fearless firemen and 3 fearful civilians are found 30 feet below ground. High-flying stars and stripes fly low at half staff. Busy bees swarming, scalpeled surgeons, bedpan nurses, and selfless volunteers man the hospitals.  Boiling vigorously,  New Yorkers from every mosaic melting hot-pot take to the streets and wait for hours to donate their warm vital blood.

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(3) Slamming, ramming into Grade A U.S. Steel,

four American jumbo jets are commandeered:

flight crews are maced; by razor blade box cutters,

pilots are knifed, passengers use their cell phones:

“I Love You” are their final words. Diabolical,

suicide bombers -- American men, women, and

children transfigured into four human missiles:

8:45 a.m.:Flight 11, Boeing 767, Boston to L.A.,

81 Americans, eleven crew members, CRASH

and BURN, into the north tower, N.Y.C.

9:03 a.m.:Flight 175, Boeing 767, Boston to L.A.,

56 Americans, nine crew members, CRASH

and BURN, into the south tower, N.Y.C.

9:45 a.m.:Flight 77, Boeing 757, Washington to L.A.,

58 Americans, six crew members, CRASH

and BURN, into the Pentagon, in D.C.

10:00 a.m.:Flight 93, Boeing 757, N.J. to San Francisco,

38 Americans, seven crew members, CRASH

and BURN, into an empty field, in PA, by unsung heroes:"Let's Roll!"

Federal aviation officials ground flights:  4000 planes take a nose-dive at the nearest airport. Soaring sky high, safe and sound, squawking seagulls with whimpering wings remain in flight and brave the fight. Zippered up, bridges, tunnels, and highways lock gates. Fiercely, five warships, frigate ships, and aiming bull's-eye, guided missile destroyers man the N.Y. coast: Two aircraft carriers: USS George Washington and USS John F. Kennedy man the N.Y. skies. Operation Noble Eagle: combat air patrol to shoot-em-up and shoot-em-down. In steely determination, it is business, but not business as usual. 

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(4) It is more than a terrorist attack -

It is an act of war! It is a national tragedy!

The free and democratic world is attacked:

White House evacuates.

United Nations evacuates.

Treasury evacuates.

State Department evacuates.

Justice Department evacuates.

World Bank evacuates.

All Federal office buildings evacuate.

Israel evacuates all diplomatic missions - 12 months of merciless jihad: soulless suicide bombers maim, mutilate, and murder Jews. 

All N.Y. State government offices evacuate.

New York’s primary elections are postponed.

Trading is suspended: The American Stock Exchange,

Nasdaq, and New York Stock Exchange. 110 stories,

Chicago’s Sears Tower evacuates. Homeless, a frozen

zone, 20,000 N.Y.C. residents are displaced. Chartering a Saudi

jet, on a one way ticket to Mecca, 11 Bostonian bin Ladens evacuate.

Slumbering, F.B.I., C.I.A., I.N.S., and N.S.A. agents rouse. It is the

first war of the 21st century! No-man's land, hermetically sealed,

the President of the U.S.A. is whisked away. Blinding black smoke and clouds raining ash, heroic, Lady Liberty stands tall in the New York Harbor.

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(5) Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani addresses New York:

“Deaths are more than any of us can bear.”

Senator Hillary D. Rodham Clinton addresses New York:

“We will not be cowed by evil, despicable acts of terror.”

President George W. Bush addresses the nation:

“These acts shattered steel but they

cannot dent the steel of American resolve.”

“We will make no distinction between the terrorists

who committed these acts and those who harbored them.”

"Whether we bring our enemies to justice, or bring

justice to our enemies, justice will be done."

Nefarious doings, suspect numero uno is "The Evil One," cannibal Saudi militant Osama bin Laden and his vile circus of vicious cavemen. Virulent videos made visible, rallying all Muslims with venom and vitriol: "God Willing, America's end is near...”UPWARD UNITED WE STAND: OPERATION INFINITE JUSTICE: SEEK AND DESTROY AL QAEDA. OPERATION  ENDURING FREEDOM: target cells, villainous metastasizing cancers. Flight 93 terrorist manhunt: Who is the 20th hijacker?  Ramzi Omar or Moussaoui(?) Americans man their maps and ask: Where the HELL (?) is Afghanistan(?) WW III: Worldwide Coalition Bombers vs. Terror-Bender Troglodytes. Oct 7th: Billion dollar bombs drop. Tora Bora caves are wiped off the map:  "Osama, Peek-a-Boo, Where Are You?" Taliban women see the light of day, Taliban men will never again see the light of day.  Anthrax: Biological, nuclear, and radiological weapons. Inhalation. Evacuation. Annihilation. "Our nation, in our fight against terrorism, will uphold the doctrine of either you're with us or against us." "And the rockets' red glare, the bombs bursting in air"    "America was targeted for attack because we're the brightest beacon for freedom and opportunity in the world. And no one will keep that light from shining." "God Bless America, land that I love. Stand beside her, and guide her..."

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(6) Heaven sent, where 70 virgins await each Islamic martyr

on a homicidal-suicidal mission, 19 corrosive terrorists pulverize

into an Arabian desert sand storm: desolate and deserted; no bad

guys; no car chase; no planes; no black boxes, no survivors, no

witnesses, no testimonies, no revenge to seek; no justice to exact;

no war to win; and no Hollywood movie. Arise: Awake. New world

order and Office of Homeland Security: cockpit dead bolts, 

armed pilots and martial art stewardesses, no curb side

check-in and Arab profiling strip searches. An inferno, charred

bodies incinerate into ashes, few funerals, many memorial

tributes, urns of WTC dirt comfort. Cremated. Sobbing. Closure.

Weeping widows, wailing orphans, donations flood the Red Cross.

International terrorism: a worldwide menace. Terrorists: a worldwide

monstrosity. Arise: Reborn. One true empyrean:a phoenix, names of loved ones are inscribed on the walls of the observation deck, sacred ground, a shrine, the hatched angels hover, protecting the Twin Towers rebuilt.  Lighting a blowtorch, ironworkers, engineers, teamsters, laborers, and dock builders take turns...

Last steel column of 2WTC, 58 tons, no. 1,001B, is cut down at 8:17 p.m.  Heartbroken, resting in peace, archangel-chief architect Minoru Yamasaki said, "A beautiful solution of form and silhouette. WorldWISE: democracy, liberty, freedom, love, prosperity, goodness, security, and peace. We  Shall Overcome.

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

(7) A cataclysmic collision course between good and evil; angels aflight and devils afoot. "Thou Shalt Not Murder," the first set of twin tablets of the Ten Commandments crumble into rubble, and are reengraved: Operation Infinite Circle. Singed aftershocks:

fear, disbelief, terror, rage, grief, depression, revenge, numbness, and nightmares... and 2,990 children are without parents. Twin Tower totals: 90,000 tourists a day, 50,000 employed; 25,000 rescued; 35,000 in subway evacuated; and two-thirds empty

airplanes. 8,700 casualties, each story a miracle: a raging fire ball, 82% of her body burned, Lauren Manning lives. Innocents: Fatalities from 92 nations, 343 firefighters, 265 airplane passengers, 184 at the Pentagon, and 25, 0000 people work at the Pentagon. Mournfully, 2,749 people are consumed. Outstretched, GOD’s hand of mercy, love, compassion, and nerves of steel, vanquished the evil incarnate, GOD WILLING.

Spiraling Downward, Upward We Stand United.

Sgt. Ryan M. Wood of Far Rockaway, N.Y., in Iraq.

Died of wounds suffered when an improvised explosive device detonated near their vehicle.


"it is fighting extreme boredom with the lingering thought in the forefront of your mind that any minute on this patrol could be my last endeavor, only highlighted by times of such extreme terror and an adrenaline rush that no drug can touch."

"it is walking on that thin line between sanity and insanity. that feeling of total abandonment by a government and a country you used to love because politics are fighting this war......and its a losing battle....and we're the ones ultimately paying the price."

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