The Greatest Poems Ever Written on Extraordinary Events



HAMAS Videos: The Indoctrination of Militant Palestinian Toddlers

VIDEO: Children of Hamas

Video: Hamas Indoctrinating Toddlers (2 Year Old)

VIDEO: Palestinian girl: Hamas responsible for war

VIDEO: Palestinian children are taught: Genocide is God's will

Video: Children Reenacting Berg Beheading

Video: New Textbook Reportedly Teaching Palestinian Children to Fight Israel"


“Chanter: The legend of our time; our children.

Chanter/Group: Our children, with our stones

they are carrying out jihad against our enemies.”

HAMAS Kindergarten Ceremony

Video: Hamas Mickey Mouse Teaches Terror to Kids

Music Video: Palestinian child becomes a martyr in PA clip

Palestinian child becomes Jihad fighter in Hamas clip

VIDEO: Hamas Kids Play

VIDEO: Palestinian children are taught: Genocide is God's will

VIDEO: Indoctrinated Palestinian 3 Year Old

VIDEO: 11-year-old Palestinians: Martyrdom better than this world

VIDEO: Egyptian Cleric tells Children of Martyrdom

VIDEO: Hamas education for kids (extended)

VIDEO: Hamas strategy for peace

VIDEO: Hamas children stage show

VIDEO: Hamas Rabbit eat Jews

VIDEO: Hamas' Children TV with a Terrorist Jew-Eating Rabbit

VIDEO: Gazan woman sends her Hamasnik son to hell

VIDEO: Hamas children stage show


Senator Hillary Clinton Introducing PMW report on Palestinian schoolbooks

ISLAMIC VIDEOS “ Destroy America”

Sharon is A Listed on Famous Poets and Poems as

  One of the World’s Greatest Poets of Our Time

Please Handle My Poems Gently. These Poems are My Remains.

                     Sharon Esther Lampert