The Greatest Poems Ever Written on Extraordinary Events


Leiby Kletzky

Abduction, Seduction, Destruction, Reduction, Construction, Deduction

July 11-July 13, 2011

Seven blocks from home

When you are a big boy, age 8 and

Your birthday is right around the corner

How scary can it be to walk home alone?

Leiby’s neighbors are of his own kind

Ultra-orthodox Jews:

Bobov, Belz, Ger, Satmar, Stolin, Vizhnitz,

Munkacz, Spinka, Klausenburg, Skver, and Puppa

Bearded men with dangling curls

In tall-black hats and long-flowing coats

The women sporting glamorous wigs,

God-given children, and glatt-kosher groceries

Borough Park is the safest neighborhood in New York City

Levi is not one of them, he is an orthodox Jew

Levi is infected by secular American values:

America’s broken education system (GED)

America’s broken family system (DIVORCE)

America’s broken media system (SEX & VIOLENCE)

America’s broken psychiatric system (KILL PILLS)

America’s broken legal system (”NOT GUILTY”)

America’s broken religious system (GOD = DOG)

America’s broken political system (BANKRUPT)

America is fighting for her own sanity, security, and survival


Levi is not one of them, but one of us, an insider

We are all ashamed, humiliated, and heartbroken

We are all blinded by ignorance

Two lost boys lost their lives

Two Jewish boys, Leiby and Levi, share the same name

Leiby broke our hearts and Levi hardened our hearts

10,000 mourners mobilize for a funeral

Jews and Gentiles unite for justice for Leiby

Even incarcerated prisoners unite for justice for Leiby

Sane or insane, Levi deserves the death penalty

Leiby’s feet are found in Levi’s freezer

The souvenirs of a serial killer

A bloody cutting board, three bloody carving knives

Leiby’s body is found in a dumpster in a red suitcase

Strangulation, struggle, suffocation, sacrificed, silenced

Levi’s computer, mattress, and car are confiscated

Check for sexual molestation and child pornography

Sample Levi’s DNA, dig up Levi’s backyard

Snatch, seize, and destroy is the MO of predators

Levi writes a 450-word confession and pleads “not guilty”   

Levi takes psychotropic drugs with dangerous side effects: KILL PILLS

Students who murder their classmates take KILL PILLS

Patients who commit suicide overdose on KILL PILLS

KILL PILLS damage patients and destroy innocent lives

More people in America die from legal drugs than illegal drugs

More people in America die murder on legal drugs than illegal drugs



One lost boy Levi, will plead insanity

Psychiatrists will change Levi’s KILL PILLS from

Green to blue, to pink, to yellow, to red

Psychiatrists are prescription drug pushers who kill with pills

Patients are disconnected, depressed, disgruntled, and dangerous


Levi is alone, lonely, and lost, the living dead

One lost boy, Leiby, will have a law named in his memory

“Leiby’s Law” to support surveillance cameras

Leiby, Amber, Etan, and Caley‘s memory will be used to rescue children

Leiby is no longer alone, lonely, or lost; Leiby found his voice and destiny

We are all afraid of the demons lurking within us

And of the demons lurking around the next corner.

Too many of us are alone, lonely, and lost

God Can and God Can’t.

God can’t stop Cain and God can’t save Abel

God Can. Abraham Can’t.

God can stop Abraham and God can save Issac

God Can’t. Hitler Can.

God can’t stop Hitler and God can’t save 6 million Jews

God Can’t. Israel Can.

God can’t save Israel but nuclear bombs can. Might equals right.

God Can’t. Levi Can.

God can’t stop Levi and God can’t save Leiby or Amber, Etan, Jon, Caylee

God Can’t. Victor Perez Can. Elisa is Saved.


Law of Nature on PLANET HELL

Is life a gift or a punishment?

Only the deaf, blind, and dumb are happy.

Life is transient. Death is permanent.

There is only one place on PLANET HELL where you can find peace:

The cemetery.

Leiby Kletzky Rest in Peace

God of What?  God of Leiby?  God of Levi?

Only God Knows Why and Only God Knows Best

God Gives and God Takes

Every other murdered child is seized by predator who infiltrates from afar; Except Leiby who is murdered by his own kind with his same name: Levi.

Leib = heart in Yiddish,  Lev = heart in Hebrew

We are all left silent and speechless by the murder of Leiby Kletzky.

But we are no longer blinded by ignorance.


HERO Yaakov German who found the video of Leiby

Leiby’s Law

“The Butcher of Brooklyn”

Etan Patz Age 6

First Walk Alone to School

MIRACLE: HERO Good Smaritan Victor Perez, a Fresno, Calif. Man Saves Kidnap Victim Elisa, 8 Years Old

1.  Saw Amber Alert (2 seconds)

2.  Saw Same Truck on Road (2 seconds)

3.  Checked out the Truck (2 seconds)

4.  Saw Girl in Window (2 seconds)

  1. 5. Went After Him and Cut Him Off 2X =RESCUE

  2. 6. Victor Perez meets the mother and is awarded a full scholarship

You Have 24 Hours to Rescue a Child Before a Child Is Killed

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger led the ceremony at Fresno City Hall, to honor Victor Perez and his courageous rescue of a kidnapped child.

Good Samaritan meets mother of girl he save

Unemployed man who rescued kidnapped girl in Fresno gets full scholarship

Snatch, Seize, and Destroy

You Have 24 Hours to Rescue a Child Before a Child Is Killed


First Sex Offender Registry

May 25 is National Missing Children’s Day

First Milk Carton Face

Caylee’s Law

Felony for a parents to fail to report a missing child within 24 hours of the death or disappearance

Amber Hagerman

This family had two children kidnapped.  The first child was returned

Elizabeth Smart Foundation   HELD CAPTIVE FOR NINE MONTHS, AGE 14

Jaycee Lee Dugard Foundation     HELD CAPTIVE FOR 18 YEARS

Gave Birth to 2 Children of Predator in a Garage

Celina Cass  August 2011

Jon Benét Ramsey

Adam Walsh

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