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Sharon Esther Lampert

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Letter from Mommy, Age 9

Darling Sharon,

My Daughter is a Poet, Philosopher, and Teacher. Beauty and Brains!

I Love You,

Mom, XXX




“You had to outdo Moses. Moses Had 10 Commandments and you have 24.”  

Joel Rappelfeld

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Please Handle My Poems Gently. These Poems are My Remains.

                     Sharon Esther Lampert

Do You Want Me to Autograph it in Ink or in Lipstick?

                      Sharon Esther Lampert


Biography: Sharon Esther Lampert

Sharon Esther Lampert is a Creative Genius. Her Left Eye is a Human Telescope. Her Right Eye is a Human Microscope. She Brings New Knowledge into the World: Poetry, Philosophy, Psychology, Theology,  Education and World Peace.

Sharon paints her fingernails with WOAMN INC gold nail polish called, “The Richest Girl in the World,” because everything she writes turns to literary gold (Clink Link Below).

            Contributions to Humanity

       & Civilization as of 2015

              Autobiographical Quote:

                    “The worst thing that has ever happened to me is that I was born.

                The best thing that has ever happened to me is that I was born Jewish.”

                                        SHARON THE POET


         “Food Is for the Body, Education Is for the Mind, and Poetry Is for the Soul”

               “The Soul Intention of My Poetry Is to Add LIGHT to Your Soul”


                The Greatest Poems Ever Written on Extraordinary World Events

       World Poetry Record:120 Words of Rhyme from One Family of Rhyme

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                                 SHARON THE PHILOSOPHER


               “There Is Only One Truth: No One Has The Truth”

  “There Are No Believers, There Are Only Make-Believers & Non Believers”

         “Feel Good Psychobabble to Numb the Pain and Keep Them Sane”

                          “Only the Deaf, Blind and & Dumb Are Happy”


                      GOD OF WHAT? 40 ABSOLUTE TRUTHS

                                              Q: God of What?

                                              Q: Is Life a Gift or a Punishment?

                                             The Science of Truth

                                             The Science of Evil

                                             The Science of Neurosis

                                             The Science of Mental Illness

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                            SHARON THE PROPHET (VISIONARY)


                                “I am not the past, I am the future”


                       KADIMAH, THE 8TH PROPHETESS OF ISRAEL

                       THE 24 COMMANDMENTS

                           All You Will Ever Need to Know About God

   A Universal Moral Compass for All Religions, for All People and for All Time

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                                   SHARON THE PEACEMAKER


                              THE WORLD PEACE EQUATION

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                                        SHARON THE PIN-UP

                   Measurements: 32DDD Bust , 32,26-36, 5’9 Height



                           SHARON, PALADIN OF EDUCATION


            “Solve Just One Problem EDUCATION, Save the Entire World”

            “What would the world look like if educators knew how to

                     cultivate the awesome power of the human brain?”


                      EVERYONE WINS USA: 30 DAY PROGRAM

                            EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY SPECIAL

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                                        The 3 Stages of Child Abuse

                                           The Misdiagnosis of A.D.H.D.

                                           15 Stumbling Blocks of Academic Failure

                                           15 Stepping Stones to Academic Success

                       The Silent Crisis Destroying America’s Brightest Minds


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                                  Total Recall: Ace Every Test Every Time

                           Your Study Room Is Under New Management

                      The Silent Crisis Destroying America’s Brightest Minds

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                                       SHARON IS PHOTON

                                SUPERHERO OF EDUCATION


                     “EVERYBODY IS SOMEBODY SPECIAL” (bracelet)


    In 24 Hours, Transforms Floundering Students into Fabulous Students

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                                     SHARON, THE PIONEER


                           “You Don’t Find Love, You Create Love”

   “All people help you with their strengths and hurt you with their weaknesses”


         22  Steps to Find Mr. Right and True Love Unconditionally (Bookstore)

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                                     SHARON, THE PRODIGY



                                                “ART IS OF THE HEART


                      10 Artistic Tools of Creative Genius (Bookstore)

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